Some Sexy Stocking Photos For you!

As you know I absolutely adore wearing sexy silky stockings. I have extremely long legs, so I have to really stretch them beforehand so I can attach them to my garter belt and pull them over the entire length of my legs up to right below my ass cheeks. Sometimes I wear nylon type stockings with a built in garter, I still have to stretch them to go all the way up my long legs. Here are a few pics from my enormous collection of photos. I also wear them in almost all of my movies. Over the years I have tried pretty much every type of stocking. I had an online lingerie store for a short time, when I did I accumulated a large assortment of bulk stockings that I really loved. I still have them & will most likely be adding them to my store. I may just be offering a box vs. only selling them piece by piece. There are just too many, lol…I don’t know.

Hey! I have a funny/weird true story to share with you: I dated a guy, seemed normal…very cute and sexy. Not in any way appeared gay/bisexual whatever. In fact I am still not sure if he was either of those. He just had a huge fetish for stockings. One night we went out to a fancy restaurant. I wore some very sexy black silky stockings and a garterbelt under my dress for him. When we got home and started to make-out on my bed, he began talking about his fascination with stockings. I thought to myself, “Well this is awesome, I can totally satisfy his every desire…” Then, he carries on and says, “I actually love wearing them myself, I hope to wear them with my girlfriend while we fuck, maybe it’ll be you.” He was very sexy, and I was completely horny and turned on, so we did have sex…He wasn’t huge, but I have a tight pussy (certified tight pussy…I pass the two fingers test, in fact I pass the one finger test. ha ha ha- Since I do porn, I was obsessed with my pussy & got surgery a while ago which is amazing! I highly recommend it…Nobody complained, it was just a personal choice. Anyways, there is so much more to size & a lot of the men I have been with that have big cocks also have ego problems and tend to be insecure (which seems weird to me). It’s like their lives revolve around their dicks and they never developed an actual personality or learned that humility is a quality that is the ultimate attractive quality in a man.

Anyways, I broke it off with the guy who wanted to wear the stockings the next day because it kind of freaked me out . I am open minded, but the way he wanted to wear the stockings & seemed disinterested in me wearing them for him was a turn off to me. Do you think he was secretly gay? Do you think it is normal for a man to want to wear any type of lingerie, I mean other than in a bdsm control type environment?

I do hope you enjoy these free pictures & my little story:


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