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Saturday lingerie…kisses

Hi, It’s Saturday & so far so good, whatever that means. Sometimes I don’t know wtf to say so I just start talking. I’m working on an exciting project which shall be revealed shortly. This is sounding boring so I think I’ll put up some sexy pictures. Hope you enjoy them. KissesDesirae

Some Sexy Stocking Photos For you!

As you know I absolutely adore wearing sexy silky stockings. I have extremely long legs, so I have to really stretch them beforehand so I can attach them to my garter belt and pull them over the entire length of my legs up to right below my ass cheeks. Sometimes I wear nylon type stockings… (read more)

New Naughty FREE Movies for YOU!

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Happy St. Patty’s Day! ;)

Hello there 🙂 Happy St. Pattys day to ya! It’s Sunday so I am taking it easy, I love Sundays soooo much. I am watching Boardwalk Empire on amazon, it is incredible! I can’t believe I waited so long to watch it. My live cam is ready to go btw. I had to put my… (read more)

Secretary In nylons

I love to wear nylons under a sexy skirt like this. I do wear glasses, unless I have the patience for my contacts. I had a meeting today & when I got home hubby wanted to take pictures of me in my secretary type outfit. 😉 I hope you like them. xxx Desire