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Naughty Craigslist Ad

I placed an ad on the personals section of Craigslist recently. I wanted to try giving a random guy a blowjob in a public place. I got quite a few responses, but decided on one guy named Brad. He seemed really cool and I liked his pics. Anyways, my hubby has been away on business… (read more)

Naughty Cheating Wife…

Cheating on my husband: While I was moving into my new office I ran across a box of unreleased videos. One of which was me cheating on my husband with my favorite lover Jeremy. My husband told me he was away on business, but I really think he was just out fucking around. I didn’t… (read more)

My ex boyfriend from the Navy returns…

I got in touch with my old boyfriend from highschool a litte while back. We lost touch after he went in the Navy…anyways, we are back in touch now and I invited him over today for a “date” lol. It was a bit of a shock to him that I had a site, but he… (read more)

My Big Dick Project

I was doing a live show and invited over Jacob to be my stunt cock for the night. 🙂 ~ xxx I was dressed up as a referee due to football night. Seems I’ve been watching a lot of football lately. I’m actually enjoying it, it is relaxing i a strange way to me. Anyways,… (read more)