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Hellooooo there!

Fuck right now I think I am going to use this spa gift card a member sent to me a while back. It is for like $100 so I can get a nice massage. I have wicked pms right now, omg. Why!??? I hate that! Anyways, I think I will vent some of my frustrations… (read more)

Happy Hump Day!!

Well, again I have to say it was a good day. I uploaded some new pictures to the VIP Members Only Section. I took some sexy selfies in the shower today and thought I would share, that along with my outfit I wore in my next video update. Yesterday was a trippy day. I felt… (read more)

Well hey there!

I am scheduling a live cam chat on Friday at 5pm EST. Hope you can cum. hehe. I am also shooting more content tomorrow, will have that up asap. I just love filming new videos, it is so rewarding and fun. I am trying to decide on what to wear for my video. Almost always… (read more)

Making out is making me crazy!

Hello there, and happy Sunday afternoon to ya. If you are reading this and it isn’t Sunday, just remember I update my blog a lot- so I am bound to hit you at the right time sooner or later lol. Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest, but I am always busy doing… (read more)