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Some daily snapshots for ya!

Hi guys, Well, I’ve got a lot of work today. Shooting a HOT new video with a new teen that I befriended through Logan.  I am super excited and so is Justn.  We love having threesomes with younger women, it is so erotic and naughty.  I just love tasting their sweet pussy and feeling their… (read more)

Nasty Anal Creampie

I was so excited to take his cock in my ass! I put a poll up in my members area to find out what you would like to see next. One of the categories was “Anal & Anal Cream Pie” and it won! yay! So, here is the movie we made yesterday. I couldn’t wait… (read more)

Please get the job done TODAY!!

Getting The Job Done… In this sexy movie I am waiting for the granite repair guy to show up. I had a plan to get him to fuck me on camera while my good friend held the camera. I invited him in and told him what the problem was…and asked him if he could start… (read more)