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I could hardly wait!!!

Hubby has been away on business for about a week now. I have been yearning for his cock like crazy! I couldn’t wait for him to walk through the door. I decided to dress up like a naughty slut milf secretary for him. I wore a skirt and a sexy blouse, with some ultra sexy… (read more)

Naughty MILF Likes Young Meat!!

I love reading my email. Sometimes I get letters from men requesting to meet up with me for some naughty sex. Every now and then I just can’t restrain myself anymore & I have to act on it. That is the case with 18 yr old Clay. He wrote me a sweet letter and enclosed… (read more)

Update: Naughty Wife Begging To Be Fucked

I’ve been so extremely horny lately….more than you can imagine. I think it has something to do with my new lover. We sometimes take little breaks from swinging & meeting new single men. We have been remodeling our home, so much of our time was taken up with that. All the little details of redoing… (read more)

A few of my favorite updates…

Here are a few of my favorite updates: (just click on the images for a free preview) xxx Desirae   I just love the taste of cum. I love to play with it and gobble it up…..Today I was especially hungry for a big load of cum. I got down on my knees and sucked… (read more)

Fucking a virgin

Doing him for the very first time… I love to go online and find guys. Sometimes I run across men who are still virgins & it just drives me wild. I love the idea of being a guys first, teaching him just what I like. I guess I like to be a good sex teacher…. (read more)