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Happy Halloween!!

Hey there, Just wanted to stop in and say “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!” Tonight I am actually going out on a date. I met him for lunch earlier today and we decided to go out tonight and possibly come back to my place for a little sexy romp. Justin is also going out with some of his… (read more)

Back from my trip to NY…Filming tonight ;)

Hey guys, Well, the trip to NY was fantastic!!  I have a ton of pictures I am going through and will share with you soon.  I  think my favorite part was riding in a horse drawn carriage through central park…unbelievable weather too!! I am about to start shooting a video right now so I have… (read more)

New York Trip Pics So Far….

Hi there, we are having a BLAST in New York, although I do find it a little overwhelming. I mean you could do something new every single night for years…it is crazy! Went to Times Square last night, saw all sorts of characters dressed up and people taking cheesy pics. I will see if there… (read more)


Hey there, I was just getting your attention! lol I wanted to share one of the pictures I am about to put in the members area. I hope your day is going well :)~xxx Desirae

About to head North!

Hey guys, like I said in my dirty diary I am headed up North to the nudist resort we go to. I have to go finish packing my suitcase, which is basically some lingerie and some sexy high heels. I had a great time with you yesterday Jason!! xxx muah! (read all about my sexcapade… (read more)

What’s New Baby?

Hi there, I’ve been busy at the gym lately. I took a little snapshot of my arms: I added a new video to the site recently as well- Here is the description: I’ve been waiting quite a while to meet up with Jessie. I met him on a lifestyle swingers site and we have been… (read more)