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Today has been relaxing mostly…

Hope you are having a great week so far. I can’t believe it is already Friday! WtF?? I had a busy week, dealing with lawyers and stuff….blah blah blah….went for a little drive and made a small video:

Latest Video Release….

I was really excited to finally meet Brad. We’ve been corresponding via email and skype for a while now. He came into town and I knew it was going to be HOT! I had been looking at pictures of his cock all day and was super horny and ready for him to arrive. I wore… (read more)

Last night was awesome!

We went to a private swingers party last night and we had a blast! I wore a sexy school girl outfit.  We ended up hooking up with a really HOT couple and had an awesome foursome in the living room while others watched. It was so erotic, I barely could touch my clit because I… (read more)

Woot Woot It’s the Weekend! yay!

Well finally the weekend has arrived. I am really excited because we are going out tonight. Woke up early, hit the gym – then had some smoothies.  I am getting super fit from the gym, I should post a picture for ya. Yesterday I got my toes and nails done. They look very pretty. 🙂… (read more)

Filmed a New Video Last Night!

Last night was a blast. I used this new stuff I purchased from my store called “comfortably numb” – it is this spray that allows you to deepthroat & it actually WORKS!! I was shocked because usually things like that are fake. Anyways, I made a sexy bj fucking facial video I know you are… (read more)

Today is awesome!

Hey there, Today has been a great day so far. Went to the gym, had a protein shake and all that with a side of mid afternoon nookie to boot!! Here is a sample of the picture set I am putting up.