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Pantyhose Fuck n Suck

There is this sexy guy I work with part time named John.  I decided to bring him home for our lunch break and suck his dick. We got carried away and he ended up ripping off my pantyhose and fucking me over the side of the couch nice n deep.  I came so hard &… (read more)

New Showtime and some videos added

Hey guys, I had to switch my showtime from Tues to Friday this week. It is at 2:30pm EST on friday the 17th,2012.  I hope you can cum!  I also added 4 more videos to the site for you to view: One of my favorite things to do is jog. I love to get out… (read more)

New Video Added Today!! Facial Cum Blast!

I decided to dress up in a sexy red dress with some cuban heeled seamed stockings for my new lover. I was so excited for him to arrive. I took extra long getting ready. Putting on my make-up & doing my hair etc. I just love getting all dolled up for my new lovers.His cock… (read more)

Always new and fresh content being uploaded!

Aside from some classics I load now and then everything is brand spankin new There were some rumors going around that I wasn’t adding new content to my site after my divorce from my ex. That makes me laugh because it has been well over a year & I’ve been steady adding new content all… (read more)