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2 New Videos Added!! xxx Desirae

Hey guys, I’ve been so busy upgrading my server and learning on my new mac 🙂  I updated the site with two new videos and still have 4 more to load….:) Lot’s of naughty new videos cumming at ya, and faster even!  Here is a picture from the first update: Justin came over for my… (read more)

Just got home…Bahama Mama…

Well, I just got home from the Bahamas last night. I went to Atlantis and cruised all over the place. It was amazing to say the least. I have a lot of naughty photos to share with you as well from the trip. I met one naughty crew member, who shall remain nameless to protect… (read more)

My website…finally the drama is over

Well the past year has been crazy. I’ve been battling in court over my website & finally it is over. Everything is MINE finally! I was having to split everything with my ex and battling over who gets what. It was a mess, but luckily life moves on and now I am updating and back… (read more)

Wedding leads to afternoon delight

07-10-2012: I just got back from a wedding today. I wore a purple dress with some black heels. I will post a few snapshots of what I was wearing here in my diary. Anyways, the juicy part is that I went with my favorite lover Justin & we ended up meeting another couple while we… (read more)