Who knows if this will actually find you. Can't hurt to try! I've been a fan longer than I can even remember! I know each and every inch of your body through your videos, and thanks to you- I have the worlds most intense lingerie fetish. My girlfriend and I have more fun getting each other off watching you and all of your conquests. Hope you have a fantastic day, keep up the good work! It has to be empowering knowing people are watching you, cumming to you, enjoying you!


I am just writing to tell you how happy I am to have discovered your website. It is by far, without a doubt, the greatest and most satisfying website I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. Your work is uplifting in its display of how couples may enhance their relationships simply by being more open in their sexuality. The material on your website is also presented in an intimate and tasteful manner which is the best part about it because of the personal
connection you offer to viewers. The passion you have for your work is its most special characteristic. In today's world where the sexuality being displayed is becoming increasingly disingenuous, the passion you display is
very real and genuine and it shows. Keep up the great work Desirae!!
-John, a student, 20
Hi Des, Just thought i'd drop you a line from the other side of 'The Pond', Sadly with just one regret!

I never signed up earlier!!!!! I adore your web site, you are such a fantastic hostess! I've been looking for a quality glamourous site for a while and there's certinatly plenty of glamour content in your material. From your luscious svelte stockinged legs to your voluptuous boobs and cheeky naughty grin!

I'm loving the Lingerie content , stilletos and Stockings are a weakness of mine You wear these items with such beauty! Although you have a perfect bum which looks fab in a thong, I loved the sheer full backed panties in one of your photo sets, the sheer 'see through' factor adds to the excitment for me. If there was any chance of more of this type of Lingerie that would be awesome!

There is so much on your site for your members I'm still finding new stuff every day, and I thought i'd ping you an email telling you what a wonderfull job you and your lucky husband are doing!

All my love, one very happy newbie!
Terry x
hey there sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy

i soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo enjoy your site your pics and vids quality is just excellent
and you give us members soooooooooooooooooooooooo much amazin stuff hell there is nooooooooooo need
for me to ever have another website

you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rock


You and your site are f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c! The videos and their audios are crisp and clear. You are bubbly, fiery, peppery, vivacious, seductive and erotic. You are an absolute doll! Watching and listening to you is a thrill beyond words! Your taut, tight, svelte body with those bodacious breasts and luscious legs are w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l! I just love to hear you cum! It makes my heart race, my ears ring and makes my hair catch on fire!!!! Those outfits you wear are just the cutest fashion statements I have seen on a babe in a long time. I love your dialogue. Your site is easy to navigate, has lots of marvelous videos and stunning photos. I like all the little extras that you have. You have some very cute women that you share photos and clips with; none of them can hold a candle to you however! The easiest thing about your site and the thing I like the best is getting off to you! Watching your videos, seeing you photos and getting off to you is now my addiction. Yes! I enjoy your site, but mostly I enjoy getting off to you! Hope you don't mind too much. Older guys should know better than
to get off to cute young blondes! George

I have been a huge fan for years and masturbated watching you in lingerie pleaseing yourself for years. I would like to first say you are amazing. I like the close up views of your trimmed pussy and would love to see you in white crotchless open cup teddy with a close up of your pussy when you squirt. I have really enjoyed the movies where you squeeze milk from your nipples and have cum many times as you do. I look forward to your cam shows and updates and watch you daily.
Me- 42 professional athletic married with a fantacy about licking your clit while i finger your ass and tasting your cum as you squirt on my face.

Desirae I just had to write, let you know that each photo set, each short film clip seems better than the last. Watching you jack off Eric made me so hard. I imagined you doing that to me and felt so good with that thought. I have daydreamed that one day I (although a much older guy) would have the pleasure of watching you slowly strip just for me and then allow me to pleasure you in so many ways. Licking and sucking that exquisite pussy, and ass. The thought of actually feeling my cock slipping into you and feeling you gripping my shaft, thrusting to meet each of my thrusts makes me feel so good. I wished you could see now how hard you have made me.
So many fantasies are in this old head *smile*. Wishing you and Eric, of course (as he lets all us guys see his beautiful wife in all her glory) the very best. *kisses* to a beautiful and classy lady.


WOW,you turned out to be quite the freak! I like that!
You have convinced me to join,you are so beautiful and yet so NASTY................. You have to be the perfect wife,is there anything you won't do?? I now believe "looks are deceiving",it is you that have convinced me,you look like a respectful"school marm" and yet you know you are the "nasty little girl" momma always warned us about. Keep up the great show!


Desirae -

I would like to share my thoughts with you:

First of all, you're so hot!!!!! MY GOD!

But I gotta ask you.....of all the thousands of websites and porn in this world....do you have any idea how hard it is to find a tall - short haired blood (American, btw), who talks dirty and is gorgous and stands 5'9" with long pretty feet Iin PANTYHOSE-TAN COLOR?


Yes, I am a leg, foot, and pantyhose guy....but all those other sites (I have joined ALL OF THEM) do not have anything close to your videos. Dirty talking, drop dead gorgeous- cum on face.....its amazing.

That all said, your site is still great. Thanks



Des, This is onne of the finest sites I've ever seen. You definitely enjoy the sensual and sexual experiences you show in the movies and I don't think I've ever seen someone enjoy herself as much. Would like to hear from you, as you are fantastic. George. PS. Keep up the good work.
Looks like Desirae updated her site. New updates and changed the site navagation abit. I joined because of the discount. The preview page is much better, check it out for her POV cum facial play. I checked out her 2002 to present pics and videos and she matured like fine wine. She's hot in pose. I joined because of the great holiday price. I'm glad I did. Lots of cum facial and her getting fucked in dressup. The wife you want to divorce because she is such a cheating cunt. Desirae is not a woman that is satisfied with hubby cock. Maybe the Marine Corp. could satisfy her for cock sucking and fucking... worth the monthly and a a peek...William J.
Quick Note - One of the Sexiest

Hi All, Been an off/on member of Desirae's site. Her voice, looks, and engagement with her partner(s) are fantastic. She is the uber-sexy wife that many of us wish we had. TBP indicates there are more videos (i believe) than there actually are. I think they are counting different qualities of videos as independent vids. She has a HUGE amount of content - what she does have is HIGH value - & it's sex appeal is extraordinary - much much higher than most other model sites.

If you like Desirae, she will NOT disappoint... Tim
Good blonde amature site

I love this blond chick - she is for real and puts her all into it and I watch and always fantasize am with a blonde debutant or sorority girl from down south. She loves to wear lingerie, heels and stockings and really gets into it - nothing fake here - she is also HOT and very pretty. Plus it's hilarious at times. She has a sense of humor and I get a kick out of the noises and expressions her husband or boy friend blurts out while he is giving it to her - oh,oh, uuuhhh he goes -especially when she is on fours which I think is her number one thing. Nice legs too and lots of kissing and affection which is really lacking in the porn world. She is also real hot and sassy as she speaks to you in her vids - she doesn't have a princess attitude and she is giving a great public service as she invites us into her bedroom. - Jason Biggs


If you like tall skinny long legged hot blondes who don't have an attitude and love what they do - this is the site for you. I actually recommend this site because I've had fun watching it and downloading the vids. She is sooo hot and you can see the reality of it all in her smile and how she gets into it.
Trust me on this one - you know it's good because her husband or boyfriend gets into it soo much that his moans and ohhs and ahhs are hilarious but can you blame they guy? He's having a great time! I don't know her personally but she looks like a nice gal...Jake


Most so-called amateur girl's sites tend to fall into two catgories: impersonal anonymous barely exclusive sites and hack-jobs. One of the rare exceptions, Naughty at home is good quality and personal the whole way through. From the cam shows to the journals to the videos. Desirae is hot and so are the scenes. Des is so energetic and incredibly vocal during sex and the scenarious different enough taht each video is memorable and hot in its own way.
The site could be trimmed down a bit, not every single ounce of content over the past 5 years needs to stay up there, but that's hardly a complaint. Jimmy

- HOT movies (the best I've ever seen in an am. site) with good length (10-20 minutes)
- Great interaction; I've emailed Des before and she always has a personal response
- Member requests
- Love this site been a member for more about 3 years
- Navigation is the best I've found

Vince- Thanks Desirae! LOVE your work - keep it up!!


Hi Desirae,

Wow! I honestly didn't really expect a reply! Glad I did, when I saw your name I got an instant hard-on! Shows how far your effect goes! ;) I am loving your site - a bit ashamed to admit it, but you have almost made me go blind! (if you know what I mean) 
Wow, the photos, the diary, and the videos! You really get me hard and horny beyond belief (I'm actually getting hard writing this thinking about you!)
and your videos! it's hard (pardon the pun!) to say which so far is my favourite, but certainly the one with you and Ashley sucking off that guy!
I don't know if I could last that long in that situation, but hells bells I would give it a go, well... a FEW goes! :P

Seeing as you got me hard now, I'll oblige to send you a picture of my cock for the contest (hope you like it (or should I say lick it? (I wish!))). You made it hard, I guess it is only fair you get to see your handy work!
I'll be making sure your site takes care of it in a few minutes! Shame you are not here to do so yourself! 

Bye for now,

An awesome comment from my facebook from a couple that are members of my site:

Yes we are members...Really enjoy the new style you have started doing. Ania loves your outfits that are not to over the top, they really bring out your real sexiness., according to her. It's has always been our fantasy to have a 4some with you and some other boy toy of yours! (love you guys! xxx Desirae)

Hi Desirae Baby,

I have another erotic story of my past sexual encounters in process titled (Rear View Mirror Sex) to share with you and whoever. Erotic stories totally excite me.

I wanted to pay you yet another compliment baby girl on your website. I like mostly all different kinds of porn like you & hubby, and your "Extras" area on the site gives a great choice of selections of which I have viewed a number of videos already.

Hats off to ya!!!


Your Boy Randy

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