Up all night fucking…and latest update info

Hi boys! I am trying to figure out what I want to be for Halloween….any ideas? I am planning on going out that night, so I want something super sexy. Today has been a busy day. Last night I was up late having all nighter sex with one of my boy toys. My hubby was ok with it. He just wanted to listen on the phone. Pretty kinky right? I came 8 times! Yes, 8 times….I was exhausted this morning. I had some coffee and listened to some music on my phone…(story continued in members area) xxx Desirae


Below are some pics from my latest update:

I was feeling very horny and naughty. I decided to put on a slutty little french girl costume and invite one of my lovers over for a bit. He arrived looking sexy as ever and I was so excited to get my lips wrapped around his cock. I gave him a marathon blow job which surely earned me a green card. My costume said “Ivana Greencard” lol. Anyways, I jumped on his hard thick cock ….. xxx Desirae…(story continued in members area)

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