Hey babe ❤️?

Xmas is over, hope your excited for the new year. ??❤️ What do you think will be the biggest change during 2019?

This morning I was watching The Revenant, it’s intense for sure. We all have…what’s the word?….adversity- yea that’s it, may not be a violent bear attack, but pain in pain regardless, right? I tweeted about it & thought….hmmm it’s propably odd to see a sexy milf who makes adult movies reference that. I pondered not posting it, but I accept that i’m like an Ogre, i’ve got all the layers lol…

Someone recommended a Netflix original called Bird Box, so I watched that. Wow, have you seen it yet? I know if I really loved a movie if it becomes like an obsession to sort out to every meaning. I did it with The Avengers Infinity wars, I paused it a bunch trying to figure out why the Infinity Gauntlet was so damaged after Thor smashed him, I paused it when Dr Strange told his cloak to make him keep his hand open (I thought maybe the cloak snatched it off and he put on a fake he created after looking over the millons of possible outcomes) lol…big nerd here haha

Anyways, Ex Machina was so intense! Omg that one made me upset. I made a joke that she better hope that I don’t ever run into her ??? If you have a favorite movie, let me know- I love cool recommendations.

I’m rendering a movie right now, it’s quite large so may just load it overnight & post in the am.

here are a few camgrabs from the movie i’m putting up. It’s crazy how many I have after 18 years…this one wasn’t on my site yet. I hope you enjoy it.

I feel like really talking more right now so i’m going to get a whole lot more personal and write in my dirty diary ( just click on the that button when you enter to my members page.

much love and many kisses to ya sweets!
I hope you had a nice xmas ??


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  1. On March 9, 2019 at 3:44 pm Dale said:

    Hopefully you do some quality interracial with cream pies!

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