Happy Saturday to ya!

Hi there!

Well it is Saturday. I added a few new movies last night.

(Full body fishnet lingerie candids)

Hey there sexy! I thought I would share these pics of me wearing a naughty fishnet for my new lover. I texted him a few of these & got very horny when he sent me a cock pic. There is a clip at the end of me masturbating with a dildo in my ass and the vibrator on my clit…mmmm. good times (I have to say though, I would much rather have quality over quantity as far as lovers go…)


Creampie Video ~Here are some candid clips I made when I was a little tipsy after filming my school girl masturbatio video. He got super horny when I was posing for him & I showed him a few clips of me using toys. I am not sure if this video caught everything, we did do 69 for a bit, but I was holding the camera at times, lol. Enjoy STAY TUNED for naughty candid videos ;)~ xxx Desirae

I am getting my hair cut on Wednesday 🙂 Here is what it should look like:



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