The weirdness of our brains…lol

I learned last night that men keep very neat organized boxes in their head, they focus on one box at a time. The boxes are well organized & nothing ever touches. Men’s favorite box is the empty box, the one where they just chill out, they think of absolutely nothing at all. Women’s brains are like a big ball of wire…everything touches and is connected, that’s why we are always talking & thinking. Women can’t imagine just thinking of nothing at all. We are always thinking of things. It’s awesome to know that when I ask my sweet man, what are you thinking?, and he says, “Nothing”, he is actually telling the truth. I used to think that when a boyfried or husband said, “Nothing”, it was just code for something he didn’t want to tell me, driving my curiosity through the roof! lmao, omg!!!!! It’s cool because knowing this really explains a lot & brings me a great sigh of relief.

Here are a few pictures for your mastubation material box:



2 Responses to The weirdness of our brains…lol

  1. On October 22, 2018 at 1:22 am Bob van Schijndel said:

    I must be the exception then because I never think of nothing, just like you. And when someone asks me something that I don’t really want them to know…. you know what I say? You guessed it! I say, “nothing”. 🙂 Like one time I went to the beach with this girl from work. We stopped along with way to lay by the river. She stripped down to her bikni… very pretty legs and pretty feet… just like yours. On the drive home she asked me what I was thinking. I couldn’t say I was thinking about how great she looked in that bikini and how I wanted to… you know. so I said, “Nothing” :-).

    I must add that I’ve enjoyed your movies and pictures for longer than I can remember. Thank you for sharing yourself with us the way you do.

  2. On October 22, 2018 at 3:58 pm Karl said:

    So lovely! Any plans for a gangbang video for the site in the future?

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