Anal sex- I genuinely LOVE it!

Hi there,

So recently I had to edit myself in my newsletter due to using graphic language. I found it funny to have to look for a word other than “anal” “sex” or “pleasure” even the word, “chance” omg….

So, I here is my un-edited version:

Anal Play: I always thought that I must have a clit in my ass because I cum so extremely hard from anal sex and using anal toys. I recently bought an inflatable anal insertion toy that also vibrates. I enjoy having a cock deep inside my pussy as I inflate the toy to maximum capacity.Now I know why I absolutely love anal play so much. It is due to how I am built. You see, my pussy and asshole are situated very close together. So when I am having anal sex or dp, it stimulates both walls, resulting in out of this world orgasms. I don’t just do anal to please viewers while faking the pleasure. I detest faking it… so I only do what truly brings me pleasure.

here’s a free preview: (I have many, but this is just the one I grabbed)

click here for FREE Preview:

how I really feel about anal sex- I LOVE it, and I despise faking!! anal sex info


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