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The weirdness of our brains…lol

I learned last night that men keep very neat organized boxes in their head, they focus on one box at a time. The boxes are well organized & nothing ever touches. Men’s favorite box is the empty box, the one where they just chill out, they think of absolutely nothing at all. Women’s brains are… (read more)

Virtual Fuck POV BJ Fuck Titty fuck session facial…

I’ve been so extremely horny lately….more than you can imagine. I think it has something to do with my new lover. We sometimes take little breaks from swinging & meeting new single men. We have been remodeling our home, so much of our time was taken up with that. All the little details of redoing… (read more)

Naughty Craigslist Ad

I placed an ad on the personals section of Craigslist recently. I wanted to try giving a random guy a blowjob in a public place. I got quite a few responses, but decided on one guy named Brad. He seemed really cool and I liked his pics. Anyways, my hubby has been away on business… (read more)

I found this old sex tape I made…

Here’s the story:Hey sexy guys! I’m adding a new video of me cheating on my ex. It is one of the “Lost Tapes” I found while going through old boxes while moving into my new office. In this video I am complaining that my husband is a crappy handyman and instead of getting the dishwasher… (read more)

Well hey there!

I am scheduling a live cam chat on Friday at 5pm EST. Hope you can cum. hehe. I am also shooting more content tomorrow, will have that up asap. I just love filming new videos, it is so rewarding and fun. I am trying to decide on what to wear for my video. Almost always… (read more)