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Can’t say it hasn’t been interesting…

2021, can’t say it hasn’t been interesting. I had to take some time away to clear my head and deal with some unfortunate circumstances. Life…never know what’s gonna happen. Here are a few candids. Hope you’re doing well. ~kisses Desirae Just waking up in bed.

Happy Holidays!

Hope you are having a nice holiday. Xxx Desirae I didn’t feel really festive this year lol, so I posted a previous pic. Looking forward to 2021 bringing good things. I’m grateful to you as my fan & I really appreciate hearing from you. Hope you’re doing well & all is good. Ttys xxx ~Desirae

Horny mornings…

Waking up horny…I get into this frenzy where I’ll run my wet fingers into my silky pussy until I absolutely demand to be penetrated deeply. I start fantasizing about guys I’ve seen looking at me & that I’m their little horny milf begging for their hard cocks. I love working myself up to the point… (read more)

B&W 💋

I love black n white photography, so I hope you enjoy these pictures. I have so many! Xxx DesiraeClick here to see my entire naughty photo collection!

No make up hotness

Cute but psycho lol love this shirt!! Chillin gonna have coffee mmmm. Hope you humpety hump day rocks! Im gonna give an outdoor bj on cam today ???   kissesDesirae