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School Girl Masturbation Request - (Anal, DP, Dirty Talk Masturbation) 35 Min. Full 1080p

(Anal, DP, Dirty Talk Masturbation) 35 Min. Full 1080p)

Hi Sexy! Here is a naughty video I made the other day. I had a request to do a naughty school girl video. I tried on a few different outfits, and decided to wear a short black vinyl skirt with plaid on the top and buckles. I wore white knee highs and ankle boots as well. He wanted me to use the biggest toy I could take and take dirty to the camera. I started masturbating on my bed & used a few different toys. I am a VERY sexual, horny person, so filming me masturbating is very exciting for me! I mean, it's a total win-win situation!! hehe ;) I absolutely LOVE anal sex, so I used my thick glass dildo to penetrate my tight milf ass. Then I decided I wanted even more, so I used a 7 1/2" fleshy dildo in my pussy while I pushed that glass rod deep inside of me! OMG this makes me cum so hard, so damn fast! I also used my vibrating teal wand, which I just recently bought online. It's cordless and it hits the spot on many joyous occasions.

I did not edit this video, so it is 100% raw footage. At first I wanted to cut it up and examine every single angle, but since I would prefer to share something "Real" with you, I decided against that. I know when I look at porn I get very frustrated by the overly staged stuff, or when the girl is clearly faking it. So this is as "Real" as it gets! I rendered it in the highest possible format for all devices, I really hope you enjoy the clarity of this video as well. Keep your requests cumming, they really inspire me to push myself. I love knowing that I am making a HOT video & that the idea came from a fan. You can just click on the contact button in my members area to send me a request. I may not get to it immediately, but it's always great food for thought & I can incorporate it into my next video. (Which, by the way, is going to be me wearing this outfit, but at the end my boyfriend gets super excited and I ride him like Sea Biscuit. Forcing him to cum deep inside of me.) I also suck on his hard cock and we do 69. I just love a man that knows how to go down on a woman. It really is the best way to show off how skilled a man is sexually.

XXX Desirae

Hope you enjoy the vid baby, chat with ya soon! xxx Desirae

The next video ends with a naughty BJ and cream pie, it is also shot from a different angle/camera. STAY TUNED xxx Desirae

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